Hybrid Multispectral Analysis (HMA)

HMA Defined

Hybrid Multispectral Analysis (HMA) is an optical approach developed at ZAPS Technologies for continuous online monitoring and characterization of chemical bonding and molecular structure.  The HMA approach uses a combination of in situ fluorescence, absorption, and scattering measurements in a single flow-cell without any addition of reagents.

The key advantages of HMA include:

  • Continuous Data Record: Readings at high definition with embedded, automated calibration validation.
  • Efficient Operation: Allows plant operators to focus on their business and improve process while decreasing the impact of their effluent on the environment.
  • Direct measurement: Characterize complex water matrices at the molecular level thereby improving the quality and value of data output while making the process of data acquisition less expensive and safer.

HMA is a unique combination of advanced optical, photonic, and statistical technologies applied to the challenge of providing synchronized high frequency data for complex water types.  Such information is required to control treatment processes in real time.  HMA allows plants to continuously adjust their treatment based on current and on-line historical data records to eliminate over and under treatment, provide real time water security, and facilitate compliance with effective enforcement of environmental laws.  HMA is a ‘green’ technology in that it eliminates treatment guard bands used to compensate for delays in conventional data, while operating at only 72 watts.  The HMA methodology was developed through the support in part by the US Environmental Protection Agency, Office of Naval Research (ONR),  US Navy, Oregon State University, and Oregon Nanoscience and Microtechnologies Institute (ONAMI).


For an in-depth look at how the HMA method works, case studies, and how online optical monitoring with HMA can reduce operating cost while providing a higher level of insight into operations throughout a facility read the Online Optical Monitoring BOD & cBOD in our Resources page.

  • To learn more about the HMA optical approach used by the LiquID please read the How It Works – HMA located in the Library and Resources section of our website to learn What is HMA?
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