Data Interface


Above: Get a real-time view of current water quality conditions with the LiquID Station.

Below: View, graph, and analyze historical data in a few clicks with the intuitive ZAPS Web User Interface.


The LiquID Station is configurable to provide data to operators in two ways:

Direct connection to SCADA or other local host

The LiquID Station features ports for connection to local devices, such as a SCADA or PLC system, via Ethernet Modbus or 4-20mA connections.

Remote viewing via ZAPS Web User Interface

LiquID can be outfitted with an onboard cellular modem for online & remote monitoring capability. The modem connects to a web server, and monitoring data is accessible from any web-enabled authorized device. ZAPS provides a customized web user interface (WUI), which gives operators a simple and intuitive way to view, graph, and analyze current and historical data. The WUI also allows for data downloads (in .csv format), configuration of user alerts, assessment of machine health, and control of the instrument.