Specific UV Absorption (SUVA)

UV Absorption (UVA) is a commonly used metric measurement in the water treatment industry, as a general indicator of water quality. This measurement is sensitive to changes in both quantity and the type of carbon that is in the fluid stream, but it can’t differentiate between those factors.

The multi-parameter LiquID Station combines inline UVA measurement with an independent, highly-sensitive proprietary method for measuring Total Organic Carbon (TOC). By measuring both of these in real time via independent detection frequencies, LiquID is able to calculate SUVA on the fly.

With these three measurements, facilities equipped with LiquID have real-time views of both the quantity and the composition of the organic carbon pool in influent, process and finished water streams, providing both a robust early warning system for contaminants and opening the door to advanced process optimization opportunities.

  • Parameter Detection Range/Sensitivity Accuracy
    Specific UV Absorption (SUVA) 0.06 to 5 L/mg-C•m-1 ±10%

  • If you have additional questions about measuring SUVA or general inquries into the LiquID Station please Contact Us