ZAPS Technologies provides high-precision optical instrumentation and services for water quality monitoring and analysis. The company’s flagship product, the LiquID Station, provides multi-parameter detection, measurement capability for varied fluid systems, and is rugged enough for exposed field installations. LiquID is a versatile platform and can be installed in a wide range of applications and excels where real-time information is valuable and broad contaminant detection capability is critical.

The technology and design of LiquID originated from the invention of ZAPS Chief Science Officer Dr. Gary Klinkhammer, who has over 25 years experience in the fields of environmental monitoring and spectrometry. Dr. Klinkhammer developed the first ZAPS spectrophotometer with over 12 years of funding from the U.S. Office of Naval Research. ZAPS probes were used to explore for hydrothermal vents and study other oceanographic phenomena. In one such study a probe capable of detecting natural fluorescence was mounted under the skin of a nuclear submarine that circumnavigated the Arctic Ocean. This project led to a better understanding of organic carbon distribution in this remote part of the world’s oceans. The current LiquID Station is several generations removed from these underwater, deep-sea probes but embodies many of the same qualities of rugged construction and extraordinary sensitivity.